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    Integrating a little Flash in Dreamweaver

      Hello All,

      I am a newbie and just finished a Flash class. However we didn't hardly talk at all about integrating Flash with Dreamweaver.

      What I want to do is create an intro page that has Flash and then you have to click on a Button to go into the main site. I understand a little of Behaviors and Actionscripting so thought that I would do the GetURL Behavior (going off memory here) to get me from the Intro page to the main Dreamweaver site.

      Question is... do I export an SWF file, put that in a index.html page for the Intro page and then link to the main Dreamweaver site but have the main site not an "Index" file but another name...maybe main.html.

      Is this what people do? Or do they take the generated .html file from Flash (its published) and just use that as their intro. Naming it index.html. And then linking to another *.html created with Dreamweaver but that is not saved as index.html.

      Also, how often are people doing a PURE Flash website and not mixing the Flash and Dreamweaver together? Just curious.

      Thanks for clarifying.