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    Automatic update


      Why does my Flash player not automatically update?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi samuelv34486246,

          This blog post An outline of Flash Runtime installation options may answer your question.




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            Kyle Lock

            Is this information about Flash deployed by an IT admin?


            I'm having this problem with my personal computer. I run the latest version of Mac OS and Safari and for the last several updates it has said that my update options have changed. Since updating is like installing Flash for the first time I welcomed the automatic update option.


            But it never automatically updates. Safari just tells me my Flash is out of date and forces me to disable it until I manually update.


            Why don't automatic updates on my personal installation do what they say?




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              Divya_Gupta Adobe Employee

              Hi Kyle,


              Please go to System preferences. Click on Flash Player icon and go to Updates Tab or Advanced Tab(If Updates Tab is not present) and post a screenshot.



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                Kyle Lock Level 1

                Okay, I guess I don't need to post a screenshot because it was set to notify me in those settings. I thought I had checked that before.


                I guess the problem then is that when you install Flash player manually, choosing update automatically doesn't actually set it to do that. A bug? When I clicked Allow Adobe to install updates in the preferences it asked for my password, so maybe the installer is failing to authenticate?


                Also, what is the difference between "NPAPI" and "PPAPI" plugin on that screen? It says the PPAPI one is not installed.




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                  maria__ Adobe Employee

                  NPAPI is for Firefox and Safari.  PPAPI is for Opera and Chromium-based browsers.


                  is your account and Admin? If not, it would by why you're being prompted for a password.

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                    Kyle Lock Level 1

                    Thanks for the info.


                    My account is an admin but Mac OS still asks for passwords for a lot of actions even when logged in as an admin. But it didn't ask during the install so I thought maybe that's why it wasn't able to change the setting at that time.


                    Anyway I'll keep an eye on the settings to make sure it updates and stays that way now that I've set it manually. Thanks for the replies!



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                      Kyle Lock Level 1



                      So tonight I had a popup asking me to download an update to Flash player even after making sure automatic installation was selected last time I posted.


                      Now under the updates tab in the Flash player preferences "notify me to install updates" is checked again.


                      Is it possible this setting reverted after automatically installing the last update?



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                        ridhijain Adobe Employee

                        Since you were prompted with the update dialogue your selection for automatic updation was not done properly.

                        Could you please follow the below steps and tell us the values present in the mms.cfg file:

                        1. Open terminal.

                        2. Type cd /Library/Application Support/Macromedia.

                        3. Type cat mms.cfg.

                        4. Copy the values given as output and paste it here.



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                          Kyle Lock Level 1

                          Here's the output:






                          But that's after I already set it to automatically update again in the preferences. If I switch it back to notify, the output reads:





                          Btw, the cd command needed quotes around the directory since there's a space in Application Support. I had to google to figure that out since I don't use Terminal much.




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                            Hello.  I have been a computer tech now for over 30 years (that makes me sound old!)  Currently, I work with approximately 40 Macintosh computers of all types for many friends and family and have noticed over the past few months that this issue is happening on every single computer I work with.  All users have Admin rights... when I go into the system preferences and change the setting to "Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)" I am then prompted to put in the Admin password (which I do).  The setting takes and I close the system preferences.  If I open up system settings again and double-check, the setting is, in fact, still set to "Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)".  Typically, I will work on the machine for a while (sometime weeks) and then one day, I will get a message telling me that there is an update to Adobe Flash Player.  I will check my system preferences notice that they have reverted back to "Notify me to install updates".  This is consistent with all of the Macintosh computers I have been working on in the past few months.  All of these computers are running OS X El Capitan (if that helps anyone).  I change the settings back to "Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)" but, at some point, it always changes back to "Notify me to install updates".  As it is happening on approximately 40 different Macintosh computers at different locations all over the city, I'd suggest it is an issue with the Flash Player software settings and/or OS X El Capitan and not something unique to my own personal computers here at my house.  If anyone at Adobe can shed some light on this, it would save me (and I'm sure A LOT of other people) time and frustration of having to manually download, install, and then delete the installer that is left behind.  I usually have to clean out the download folder and/or desktop from many duplicate Flash update downloads from friends and family who constantly are trying to update every time they get a prompt to download an update (and they don't understand that they have to open up Adobe's DMG files, quit their browsers, install the update, type in their admin passwords, close the update application, eject the mounted disk image and then delete the DMG file from their computer).  I hear over and over again how frustrated people get when they think they are updating their copy of Adobe Flash when they are really just downloading a DMG file (or many of them).  I know this has to be happening more than on just Kyle's, my, and my friends and family's Macintosh computers... any response or help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance :-)