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    Distributed forms won't save drop-down list suggestions.


      I have a distributed form, created in LC, with pull-down lists provided in tables.  When the user makes selections and submits the form, all the data from the pull-down lists is removed.  The only data saved during the submission is the text field entries they make; text fields are not contained in a table. This form was saved as static local copy of a  PDF.  A previous trial run of the form was done using a dynamic version of the form. When the dynamic is submitted, data entries are saved, but are not collected as responses.


      I have another distributed form, also created in LC, that returns and collects data as it should. This form has text fields and check boxes only; no tables are included. This form was saved as a static local copy and emailed to everyone.  All works well.


      Why does the data not save in scenario one?  Are the tables the problem? Or is the static version the problem, and if so why are the responses not collecting?