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    Hi i tried to put y copyright on one of my images the other day, and it wouldnt let me open the file that it was in on Lightroom. After going on facebook i realised why, as one of my college friends had saved the image from my page that i shared without p

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      I tried to put my copyright on an image that I had shared on facebook with no copyright, and lightroom wouldn't let me open the file. I then clicked on the show duplicate option, it then let me in but said it was a suspect duplicate. This is not the case as it is my picture. I then later realised that my friend had then saved this image and put her copyright on the image, its not mine thats the duplicate copy its hers, I have asked her to remove her copyright from the image, she said she would, but I just want to know if there is something else I can do or something that you could possibly do. Thankyou.