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    How Do I Force a Reinstall of Flash Player in Windows 8.1 Internet Explorer


      I use a personal finance package which uses Flash Player for the graphs etc.


      When this stopped working correctly with the latest version of FP the advice was to uninstall FP (using the uninstaller from a page linked to Adobe) which I followed. Unfortunately, although the page was similar to this one How do I do a clean install of Flash Player - Windows? it did not have the big red warning about not doing steps 4 and 5 if you have Windows 8.1.  (link has been removed by the finance software developer as they have updated the software instead).


      My problem seems to be that I did steps 4 & 5 (after taking ownership of the files) and now cannot install FP.

      • The Adobe site says that it is part of Windows update
      • The Adobe website confirms that it is not installed in IE
      • The previous version of FP supplied by the financial software support will not install because it sees a later version
      • I have tried "disabling" IE to cause it to uninstall and the "enabled" it to reinstall it


      Any advice would be appreciated as I seem to be going around in circles.



      PS. Please modify this link as it does not contain the warning about Windows 8 / 8.1: Uninstall Flash Player | Windows