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    What about extensions from third party with CC 2015



      Many problems with extensions from third party.  Keyframe Caddy Pro doesn't appears anymore in my Add-ons.

      Nevertheless I bought my licence :

      Capture 2015-07-13 à 18.08.06.png

      Saying in his mail, that Adobe Extension Manager is not running more with CC 2015, the editor send me this links :


      First, is it true? Because it isn't a good way to install for me. I am animator, not a programmer.

      Something must have been more easier for users.

      Even others as Trick0rScript doesn't works. Impossible to activate them in Flash  and use them.

      With someone, it is impossible to delete them and make a new installation.

      This message is always running.

      Capture 2015-07-13 à 20.06.45.png

      Other things, my adobe folder on system is full of folder about older version deleted from disk.

      How to clean the Adobe folder not to keep all the older and not useful files?

      So how and what can we do. Do you have something better to us?

      I can't do my work correctly without those extensions I bought.