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      Well ... Hi !

      Can someone help me ... I'm new on MAC OSX ... but I use to work with FW !
      On this OS, FW don't want to let me write with accent : é, à, ï ... won't appear.
      If I check with popchar the font table, i see that the accent are in the unicode tab... so I suppose that FW have some trouble with unicode font on mac.

      I've read this technote, but i didn't find this file...

      What can i do ?

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          Nick Barling
          You can add accented characters through the 'Special Characters' panel. Access it through the 'window - Special Characters' menu.

          Nick Barling
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            nemrod Level 1
            Hi and thanx ...
            but it still don't work !

            How to explain that I can write with all the caracters in word or Illustrator with the same font (and file) but I can't in fireworks 8 ????

            I'm on mac osx 10.4.8 - FW8 - Linotype font explorer X
            7 go RAM - 2x2,6 dual blah blahblah
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              Nick Barling Level 1
              I don't believe that you can type as you would with MS Word or Illustrator and have the accented characters appear as you type. However, you can create a text block and type with the keyboard normally and when you require an accented character you can insert one manually from the Special Characters panel as I mentioned in my last reply.

              One other option is to import your text from Photoshop CS2 or Illustrator into Fireworks. See the Fireworks help menu for details of how to do this. Text can be imported and remain editable or even used as vector objects.

              One final note; you could search for a Fieworks Extension that may exist for creating the feature that you are after.

              Nick Barling