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    HDR Pano:  does order matter?

    Califdan2 Level 1

      If I have a series of bracketed images that where shot with the idea of making an HDR Panorama, does the processing order matter?  In the tutorial by Julieanne Kost, she suggests creating an HDR for each bracketed set then stitching those HDR's into the Pano.  But I was wondering if it's the same doing it the other way.  Assuming a 3 series of 3 image bracket sets, first use the Pano tool to create a pano of just the under exposed, then a pano of the middle exposed, then a pano of the over exposed.  Then take those 3 pano's and do an HDR Merge on them. 

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My guess is that the order does matter. 


          When you do the HDR first, you’re output raw files that have the same dimensions as the input files and these can be stitched together. 


          If you stitch the panos first you’ll have different sized or at least different warped scenes and no way to match them up to do the HDR from them.  You’ll probably just get a files-don’t-match error.