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    Lightroom 6.1 flashes to previous screen during crop adjustments

    Dynatnt1 Level 1

      I have noticed a strange issue where LR 6.1 on a Windows 8.1 64 bit machine will momentarily flash to a previous state/module when entering and applying a crop.

      I use the R key for crops and when I hit the key the crop handles pop up but as soon as I hit R again the screen will quickly flash to where I was at a previous point.

      For example, I accidentally hit the print module which loaded the current picture in the print module screen. I hit D and went back to develop but now when I do the R to crop

      and R to get back to editing I quickly see a flash of the Print module. I also notice this if I come from the libaray module in grid mode and go to develop and try to crop. This issue will slowly pop up after awhile of editing photos.

      This seems to be a memory or cache issue because if I reboot LR it does not happen any more.


      Anyone else have this issue or now of a fix?