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    I updated my Adobe Flash Player on your site (to avoid fraud) and in the Control Panel it shows as "18 NPAPI".  wHAT does it mean?  What's the latest version number?


      [Dell Inspiron 560 desktop; MS Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit; Windows Live Mail 2012; MS Word Pro 2003; Mozilla Firefox 22.0]

      I'd like to know the last version number to see if I have the right one here.  Before (and after) updating I still have the same version number: "18 NPAPI".  I'll appreciate a clarification.  Also, is this and the other Adobe (the Acrobat Reader) automatically updating?  Or is it up to me to do it when Adobe asks me to.  Of course, it's a little difficult to tell a genuine site asking you to update from the phishing one...

      Thanks very much for your help!           Adela