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    In Lightroom Creative Cloud 2015 - My Radial and Gradient filters are broken and not operating properly. How should I fix this?


      I am using Lightroom CC 2015 - I just upgraded to version LR^ and everything was operating WONDERFULLY, but this past week, my Gradient and Radial Filter have stopped operating properly, and I am unsure of how to resolve this issue? For instance when I click on them to use them, on the Gradient filter I don't get the "line" to "stretch" (or the "circle" for the Radial Filter) across my photo? if I select the check box at the bottom, to show the masked area sometimes I can see a masked ares, sbut mostly not.


      I am unsure of how to resolve this?  Can anybody help? Please?

      These are 2 of my FAVORITE tools in the Develop Module.  Maybe I wore them out from overuse?? LOL!  That is how much I love them.

      Thank you!!!