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    Something with Library sorting changed - I can't find specific files any longer


      Hi All,


      I updated LR CC 2015 yesterday. Previously I used to be able to find a set of files in a folder by selecting "Text" and "Contains", then putting a string of filenames in the search field like JJe-0007, JJe-0034, JJe-0038, JJe-0045, JJe-0054. LR would then display only those 5 files. After the update, this no longer works! When I input that string it shows all files in the folder, presumably because they all have "JJe" in them. This search now appears to return files with ANYTHING from the string in them. I can input that string into another folder with completely different filenames and it still returns the whole gallery because every file has a 0 in it. How is this helpful?


      I've messed with this for a while but can't find a solution. I'm a wedding photographer and use this search frequently. My clients choose the files for their albums online, the proofing app spits out the filenames they chose, I paste into LR to filter as explained above, then export only those files to work with. If I can't figure out how to get this functionality back, it's going to cost me a TON of time searching manually for each file. Hopefully someone can help!