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    Get info for clip loaded in source monitor using ExtendScript




      So, the short version: I was wondering if there's a way to get information about the clip currently loaded in the source monitor using ExtendScript. Specifically, I'd be interested in the name, starting timecode, and in/out points. I don't see anything obvious in the Data Browser in ExtendScript Toolkit, but I thought I would ask.


      The long version of what I'm trying to do: I have a clip in the source monitor that I know is in the active sequence. I'd like to take the in/out points of the source clip and set those as in/out points in the sequence. This is sort of a hack to get around the fact that you can't associate speech analysis with a multicam clip so I'm cutting with one of the audio clips in the multicam clip and then I'm trying to translate those edit points to the multicam sequence. I have a way to do it with an AppleScript macro, but I'd like to find a more robust (and cross-platform) solution.



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