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    Why is lightroom cc2015 so slow? How can I get out of the cloud now that I'm in it


      Just upgraded a couple of days ago (if you want to call it that) to Lightroom CC 2015 and it is painfully slow... unworkable for me. Creating virtual copies from developed files  takes at least 3-4 times as long as the desktop version (10 to 12 seconds per file) and when using portraiture plugin on exports there is a big lag and a white screen and then the app data starts coming in. 


      I have a pretty fast machine and a fast Internet connection and it feels like backups are running in the background everything is just very sluggish.  Editing big shoots already takes me a good day or two, I will be spending a week now,,, I can't handle this right now... I didn't realize what I was doing when I upgraded until I was already into it... really sorry I did it.


      Can I convert my newly converted CC2015 lrdata file back so I can reinstall a good old desktop version of LR and go back to it without losing the work I have done to date on the CC2015?


      I am on on Windows 8.1 64bit, AMD FX 8120 Eight Core 3.10 GHz processor with 32 GB ram


      Thank you for any help or suggestions