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    Edge CC 2015 exporting to OAM, no audio problem

    matthewdee Level 1

      I'm doing a set of animations based on sprite sheets, I have the animations and audio in the Edge composition and exported the file as an OAM so I can import to InDesign CS6 to view the animation from an InDesign portfolio on my iPad.


      The animations work fine but I cannot get the audio to play so I first want to make sure I have the audio set to playback correctly in Edge.


      The preview in Browser works fine as well as an export to Ibooks ( widget ) its the OAM file


      I have the file in dropbox


      link here, can someone let me know if the file is OK so at least I know that the exported file is good and the problem is with InDesign.


      Dropbox - Page12RalphDee.zip