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    The haze feature does not appear in my Lightroom CC 2015


      Just as the title states, the new haze feature does not appear in Lightroom CC 2015. I have reinstalled 3 times. The CC dashboard says my apps are up to date.



      Other issues I have been experiencing :

      1. System heats up to the point of an instant hard crash (computer instantly shuts off). After rebooting, the file I was working on at the time of the crash is now corrupt and cannot be edited or opened.

      2. Takes forever to import.

      3. Slows down progressively and drastically the more images I edit in a session where V5 had no problems.
      4. Converting to .dng is no longer on the fly on import. First the raw files are imported, then they are converted to .dng which takes a lot of additional time over V5.