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    Delete files from Catalog and Disk in Lightroom?


      I want to find duplicate image files and delete all but one from my Lightroom catalog AND FROM THE DISK ITSELF.


      can anyone recommend a method for doing this most efficiently?


      I must see the images side by side in preview to choose what to toss and what to keep because some files have a different image but the same file name.  This is a result of sloppy organization and also images coming off several cameras with similar naming sequences.

      the Lightroom Catalog I'm working from is 60,000 + images with MANY dupes.

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          johndeckert Level 1

          Sorry for the noob question but through another post I found the simple answer.  I look at ALL PHOTOGRAPHS in the catalog.  Then select a whole group of individual files that are to be slated for trashing.  I can either hit the DELETE key (DELETE in the EDIT MENU is not active) or hold don the CONTROL KEY (on a Mac) and select DELETE.  A choice is given to remove the image from the catalog or what I choose  is REMOVE IMAGE FROM DISK.  I've got a lot of files to go through but this makes my work a LOT easier.  Thank you ADOBE!