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    Rendering problem blurred images


      While looking at macro shots today I noticed again a problem that I have been meaning to ask a you about for a while now.  The problem is that the image is blurred in some preset magnifications on my PC at home. If I go to the 'fit' preset view, the image is blurred but if I go to - say - 1:4, which is almost the same size on the screen, it is sharp. Another weird thing is that when viewing a blurred image, as I click on it to change the view, it sharpens up for a fraction of a second BEFORE it increases in size. This is really weird and has me confused as I have never heard of it happening before. No matter how many times I go back and forth between a sharp and a blurred view, they always stay the same.  Anybody got any ideas what the heck is going on please?


      Thanks for any help given.