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    How do I chose the output settings when creating a video with PE 11?


      I have been making some cool videos with PE 11 but I am trying to get the best quality once I output them.  I have been making videos in two ways.  One is by using pictures taken from my iphone and creating an instant movie.  The other is by using videos taken from my Canon Vixia HFR40 camcorder.  I have been shooting videos in both 60p and 30p with this device.  I have experimented with the output selections but it has me very confused.  I'm pretty new to this and have put a lot of time into the editing process so any recommendations to improve my video quality would be greatly appreciated.  Should I be using one output setting to view on my computer and another to use to make a DVD?  Should I be using different output settings when I am making an instant movie as opposed to edited videos from my camcorder?


      Thank you in advance for any help!