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    Cannot download and install


      It's decently infuriating to have to result to signing up and using these forums for an issue I cannot seem to troubleshoot. All forms of default help pages from Adobe and Firefox are about as useful as garbage that's been collecting and sitting around for years. For whatever reason, my Flash Player has decided to stop working. Within Firefox, the plug-in is being forced to not run because it's out-of-date. Within Firefox's plug-in manager, the Ask To Activate and Never Activate options are only available to me. Always Activate is permanently grayed out, I don't know why. When I try to update Flash Player via Adobe's website, the installation setup for begins to download the update, but stops around 40 - 50% of the download and claims an installation failure occurred and leaves me with trying to troubleshoot the issue or start over. I have removed all versions of Flash Player, Shockwave, and even AIR from my PC. I am running on Windows XP. I am now unable to even put Flash Player back on my PC.