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    can someone tell me if this would work...andif not why....

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      I want to grade a test that uses radio buttons to indicate the answers...there are 58 questions with five answers to select from for each question...I'm using a button that when clicked it will look at the radio buttons that ARE the correct answers and if they are selected a counter is increments by 1 if the correct answer is not selected there will be no increment.


      This will allow me to perform a simple match calculation to achieve a test score. I'm not a programmer but I'm learning thanks to you guys on the forums...so what I got so far is below let me know if I'm on the right track ....My issue is how to develop a counter that will store the increments and allow me to use the results in a formula then place that number in a text box to be displayed ( I can probably figure the text box display thing out).

      Radio button info:

      Name: Q1

      Tooltip: Question 1

      Button Style: Circle

      Radio Button Choice: a



      Var Answer = this.getfield("Q1".value

      Var Grade = 0;                             //don't know how to declare this variable should it be 0 only to have the else statement make it 0


      If(Answer =="a") {             // "a" is the correct answer this time but will vary from a, b, c, d, e not sure how to loop so is my only other choice is to dupi such as Var Answer1, Var Answer 2, etc...

      var Grade = "1"


      else {Grade = "0",           // not sure if I even need the or else



      I would perform this for each question because coding an array is beyond my abilities...


      Here's my attempt at a counter


      Var CounterCorrectAnswer = 0                                                     // sets the counter to Zero? correct

      for (var i =1; i <= 58; i++){                                                           // set the value of i to 1 and the number of times to count to 58?...is the i++ means to increment i by 1 if the results = "2" ???    


      var result = this.getField("Grade" + i).value;   //now does the var Grade above get 1 added to it here..???..so what does ".value" represent here
      if (result == "2") {                             // verifying that var result equals "2" 
      ++                        //if result equals "2" then increment counterCorrectAnswer to 1...?    


      this.getField("SumCorrect").value = CounterCorrectAnswer;   // SumCorrect will be the text box field that holds the total number of correct answers.


      what confuses me again  is how do I loop through the questions "Q1 thru Q58" to see if the right answer was selected.