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    Video Controls not working in IE11

    BeneBo Level 1

      Hi there,


      i have a typicaly IE-Problem: I included a few videos in my animation (in mp4, WebM and ogv) and its working well in all browser except the IE (I'm using Version 11.0.9600 on Windows 8). It plays the video but the user can't use the video-controls.

      I tryed the following to fix it:

      - disable video-controls: IE shows trhem anyway (the other browsers are hiding them as intended)

      - build my own video-controls in edge: worked well in all other browsers, execpt IE - it shows the buttons but you can't use them.

      - put the videos in an extra Sym

      - put the videos on a higher layer...


      The problem appears while local hosting and when i put it on the server, too.

      I'm working with the latest version of Edge Animate CC2015.


      I did a resaeach on google an tryed some spooky solutions, without any succes.

      Does anyone knows the problem an figured out a solution? This would give me a better sleep at all