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    Need someone to update or create script: "Snap to pixel grid"

    Eli_Ohana Level 1

      Before I start I want to say that I don't understand any code at all.

      I have a script that torn check and uncheck the commend "Snap vector Tools and Transforms to pixel Grid"  (  "Preference >Tools"  CC 2015 )

      I downloaded it  long time ago from a website that I don't remember and it is free for use, I created keyboard shortcut for it and it work fine until CC 2014.

      I updated to CC 2015 and the script don't work , I think because they change the path where it use to be in CC 2014 .


      If someone can update ( will send it ) or create new script for CC 2015 it will super help my work flow.


      If it  can be done in the "Keyboard Shortcuts and menus"  without script please let me know