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    InDesign DC crashes after opening JPEG or PDF


      We are using the latest versions of Creative Suite and InDesign DC.   We need to take InDesign documents and convert them to JPEG and PDF.  After saving,  we open each to make sure they are correct before emailing to the client.  InDesign crashes when we open JPEG or the PDF of the file.  The original InDesign document has been saved and closed.  Only InDesign is open.

      - Create document.

      - Save as an InDesign document.

      - Save as JPEG or PDF or both.

      - Close and save the original InDesign document.

      - Only InDesign is open with no documents open.

      - Open either the PDF in Acrobat DC or the JPEG version.

      - InDesign crashes.

      The only workaround I have found is to close InDesign before opening the PDF or JPEG.  Is this the only solution?


      Windows 7 Pro with 8 GB of memory.


      Chuck H.