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    detect Measurement Unit

    luca cres

      I must read all properties of an object and i ceck if it's an array, an object a string or number,to save the type of the data


      But when i get the value of Pointsize of font , sometimes it's return an array , sometimes a number

      for example in Paragraph it return a number but in TextStyleRange in return an array


      there is a way to check the Measurement Unit objects?


      in my exsample if the prop return an array it serialize the data but i want that it return the value




      function CeckricorsivoOggetto(Oggetto){


      var NomeProp=Oggetto.reflect.properties

      for(var p = 0;p <NomeProp.length; p++){


      if(NomeProp[p] instanceof Array){

          return  serialize(NomeProp[p])

      } else if(NomeProp[p] instanceof Object){

          return CeckricorsivoOggetto(NomeProp[p])

      } else {

         return NomeProp[p]