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    After Effects 2015 Failure

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      Well, I'm glad my ram previews go a bit faster...  However, once again the Adobe team has failed the community on releasing software that has been tested.  Instead they have once again decided to BETA TEST software on paying customers.  We are paying to BETA TEST.  The Creative Cloud experiment for After Effects has been a failure and only a failure.  It is not Apple's fault... It is not the paying customers fault... It is Adobe's fault.


      I've written enough posts, along with endless amounts of other After Effects customers on these forums and I am simply done...  I have been patient, tried to hold back frustration, and done my best to provide information to help the Adobe team find a solution.  Had they tested their software on Mac at all, this bug would have popped up almost immediately.  We have had this exact same bug popup on 3 completely different Mac computers (1 iMac, 1 MacPro, 1 MacBook) with differing versions, GFX cards, RAM, etc.


      On my MacPro I have 64GB of RAM.  I get that stupid "needs 2 simultaneous frames to render" B.S. that has been reported on since 2012 on these forums...  Even worse, now AE decides to completely fail and gives me the following on top of that message.  Yes "Todd & Team" I've spent 3 hours researching a solution on these forums and Creative Cow, I have went through and changed all of the rendering settings in preferences that have been reported on to try and find a solution.  The result:  Adobe After Effects 2015 is once again BETA software.


      So what must I do to replicate this crash?  I create a circle shape, then apply the radial wipe effect (to animate a filling circle)... That's it...  The memory crash happens on just about everything else, but the circle at least makes me laugh a bit...  We can replicate this on all 3 different Mac computers.  I haven't tried my PC at home.


      Oh the joys of running a business and relying on AE... We are only weeks away from Blackmagic Fusion for MAC...

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          Here is one of the lovely screenshots:


          Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.51.23 AM.png

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            I thought I would quote what was written in another thread by another member (with a poorly chosen name) that expresses the frustration of the untested pile of heaping mess that is after effects.

            suckmyballs wrote:


            I don't generally post anything anywhere but feel the need to comment on just how inconsistent and unreliable the new 2015 Preview is. Whilst I appreciate there has been a huge under the hood change to the way it works I cannot believe it's been put through the paces in real world testing prior to being released - feels almost like a beta. I appreciate there are updates on their way but should such a key part of the program be so bug ridden to the point of annoyance prior to being released?


            Could someone please let me know the reasoning behind the Preview playing back prior to it caching? What is the purpose of that? Am I missing something? How does that in anyway benefit the user? When working on a project with audio I get the audio playing out of sync when as each frame caches - which is incredibly annoying both when in a studio with speakers or with your headphones on. Yes, I can turn this off in the settings so that audio out of sync doesn't play, but that leaves me with no audio on Preview. Also, when things finally do cache and it plays back it's rarely in sync (why?!?!) meaning I'm left with stuttering audio on Preview and steppy single frame of audio whilst caching. How is this in anyway an improvement on how things worked previously?


            Sometimes I cache and playback and the cache disappears. Subsequent presses of 0 do nothing at all. Restart of AE seems to solve.


            As the poster above mentions things don't seem to stay in sync - multiple previews mean the first one plays back fine then subsequent ones stutter or have to cache again. The whole thing seems almost engineered to annoy the user (of course I know it's not but it is infuriating that an 'upgrade' means well below par performance on a feature that is so integral to working in AE).


            And why do I end up pressing 0/any random combo of keys to please for the love of God stop the Preview?!?!?!!


            One more annoyance - rendering no longer previews in the composition window. Whilst not a killer feature it DID allow the user to watch the render in the background and thus be able to notice any small issues/mistakes/wrong thing rendering during lengthy renders.Now we have to wait until the entire comp is rendered and then watch back - insane and for me a backward step.


            Apologies for the rant. Massive backward step on what should be the most rock solid basic part of the program.


            BTW I do LOVE the way we can alter the interface/Project window whilst Previewing which is a welcome bonus. Just wish the playback would get up to speed.