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    Installing a flash player update


      What do I do when I get "application initialization error?"  I need the latest version of Flash Player.  I  have Windows 8 and am working on a surface pro 3.  Please help!

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi cxksmom,


          If you use Internet Explorer, there is nothing to install.  Microsoft embeds Flash Player in Internet Explorer and they release updates to Flash Player via Windows Updates.  Please run Windows Updates to get the latest version.


          If this is the installer for a different browser, I'd like to get some log files from you to troubleshoot further.  Please do the following:


          1. Create an empty text file named ADM.trace inside your %temp% directory (usually C:\Users\<YourUserID>\AppData\Local\Temp\).  The file extension itself is .trace, not .txt or anything else.
            1. To create the empty text file, navigate to the %temp% directory, right-click in an empty area and select New > Text Document
            2. Rename the new file to ADM.trace
          2. Run the online installer again until it stops
          3. When the installer stops, upload the two files, Adobe_ADM.log and Adobe_GDE.log, saved at C:\Users\<YourUserID>\AppData\Local\Temp\Adobe_ADMLogs using the The specified item was not found. instructions.
          4. Post the URL to the uploaded log files in your reply.


          Thank you.