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    I moved my LR backups to an external drive. Now LR crashes on opening.


      Having run out of storage space on the computer hard drive in the middle of importing a new shoot, I pulled most of my LR backup files onto an external drive, leaving only the most recent month or two of images on the computer itself. I thought I'd be able to go in later and tell LR where to look for those other files after I finished editing what I needed to get done, but instead the whole program crashed. This was several days ago. Since then, I have tried troubleshooting (restarting and clicking on one of the old folders in the catalog to update the location, etc) but LR seizes up every time and I never get anywhere. I can't even close the program - I just have to force power off the computer and restart. I'd just move the files back but I don't have enough room on the harddrive now! Help please and many thanks! (For reference: LR 5.7.1 and Dell laptop)