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    downloading attachments


      Hi all -


      I am trying to backup all of my forms and download all of the data (including attachments), but the functionality to download attachments as in the past seems to be gone... seems like the ONLY way I can download attachments now is to literally click on every single attachment and download them one-by-one... that can't possibly be right?


      In the past, we were able to right-click on the rows we want, and select the prefix we want for each attachment, and it would automatically download them for us... is this functionality gone?


      If so - how can we download our COMPLETE data, without downloading attachments one-by-one? Some of my forms have up to 5 attachments per response, and that's simply not feasible for us... so does this mean I will lose my data and won't be able to back it up?


      thank you!

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee



          We haven't changed the behavior for downloading either responses or attachments in a long time so I am not sure I understand what you used to do. My guess is that in the past when you were exporting responses and thought that meant attachments as well, you weren't getting your attachments saved.  What I can tell you is that you will need to select and save all responses and attachments you wish by July 28th when the service shuts down. Sorry I don't have any better news for you.



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            crealityweb Level 1

            Hi Andrew -


            thanks for the quick response... it is true we have not used forms to download information for about 9 months (especially once we found out the service will be phased out)... but I know for a fact that in October of 2014 we were able to download attachments in bulk. Adobe Forms would automatically create a ZIP file and would prefix each attachment with a field of our choosing (so all attachments from each response would have the same prefix).


            Too bad - we will miss the forms, and will just have to keep fingers crossed that we did our diligence when we could and backed up the data when we could - or we will lose this data and just have to live with it.

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              crealityweb Level 1

              For others who may be experiencing the same issue - JotForm have a wonderful importer that is able to import responses AND attachments to your new JotForm account...





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                Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                Hi Svetlana;


                I think this is the information you want to be able to download multiple attachments at once - there is a # or size limit but you can do attachments from multiple responses in one zip file:


                Files from multiple respondents can also be downloaded together within a single zip file.  You can do this by selecting the attachment cells you want to download and right clicking on them, then select Download Selected. You can also do this using the Download Selected button on the Table toolbar.




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                  crealityweb Level 1

                  Hey Josh -


                  that's exactly what I'm looking for, but I no longer have that option when I right click - here's a screen-shot:



                  Thank you!
                  ~ S

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                    Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                    Select only the cells in the column with attachments, do not select the entire rows, and then right click on one of the attachment cells and you will see the right options menu. 


                    See the screenshots about half way down this tutorial: Tutorial: Attachments




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                      crealityweb Level 1

                      YES - that worked!!


                      I was sure in the past we highlighted the rows, but this makes perfect sense and it works - THANK YOU JOSH!


                      Good to know for others as well I'm sure.


                      ~ S