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    Installing a Timer in Whiteboard

      This is my assignment. Please someone guide me how... This is urgent.

      Have a timer on the upper left hand corner that counts down in military time. The input is in minutes. Example, say “eric” logs in as account “a” and waits in the virtual whiteboard for 20 minutes until “mark” logs in as “b” with the minutes as 90 minutes ( he enters this in during login ) . This will show on the upper right hand corner as 01:30 and starts counting down. The display will look like an LED display.

      when the timer is less than 10 minutes, this LED display will start flashing. When the timer hits “00:00:, it will redirect both the host and guest to logout.asp. Pass the parameter timerx=0 and the nickname of “b” ( from here I will write an asp script to capture this event ). The string will look like logout.asp?nickname=mark&timerx=0

      It will kick both people out. Both would have to “launch” the web application again.

      Note: the timer will only appear when a guest logs in. Account “a” can be idle in the whiteboard and there is no LED displayed or any timers.

      only when a guest enters his white board will the LED show up and starts counting down. When the guest logs out, this LED disappears from the view of “a” and the LED will come back when another guest enters and the whole process repeats.