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    Flash asset xtra 9

      I want to integrate Flash 9 (ActionScript 3) compiled files into a director project. To integrate flash files I need the flash asset xtra. But with the current version of the flash asset xtra, I can only integrate Flash 8 compiled files. Is there any update of the flash asset xtra? Or any other way to import flash 9 compiled files?

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          No. You can't use Flash 9 compiled files within Director at this time.
          Of course, since Flash 9 doesn't exist yet, that makes it pretty
          difficult for the Director folks to keep up with compatibility. Unless
          you are using some sort of prerelease beta version, that is. I can't
          find any mention of Flash 9 on Adobe's normal Flash site.

          Typically, a new version of Flash will come out, then in a few months to
          a year, Director will have a new release (or an upgrade) which adds
          compatibility. For now, you are stuck with Flash 8, which to the best
          of my knowledge is in fact the latest version.
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            For the Flash IDE 8 is current, although there is the Flash 9 public beta.
            For the player however, 9 is the current version and has been around for a
            while now. This is needed for compatibility with all the Flex apps starting
            to appear, and Flash 9 once it's finally ready. I think they need a better
            (shorter) cycle between when a new player comes out and when an update to
            the Xtra appears.

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