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    Only works once

    Will Y. Level 1
      I've kind of juried rigged some script and it works, but only the first time. I'm using a component called Slideshowpro that builds photo galleries. I'm trying to customize the navigation by having a caption appear on rollover of the image. I've built a movie clip that holds the caption text. when the clip plays a box fades in or out, revealing or hiding the caption.
      Here's the script:
      var sspListener = new Object();
      sspListener.imageData = function(eventObject):Void {
      caption_mc.caption_txt.text = eventObject.data.caption;
      sspListener.imageRoll = function(eventObject):Void {
      if (eventObject.data == "over") {
      if (eventObject.data == "out") {
      _ssp.addEventListener("imageData", sspListener);
      _ssp.addEventListener("imageRoll", sspListener);

      It works perfectly. EXCEPT it only works once. After that nothing. When I go to the next image or come back to an image, it works fine, but only once.

      any ideas where I've messed up?
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          Metro Media Level 1
          not sure exactly why it would only work once, but I personally dont like using a listener for simple button actions.
          If it were me, i would just use standard button actions and make the caption fade in and out with an alpha tween.