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    Playing Audio at multiple positions in a Parallax Scroll


      Hello! I'm a newbie to Edge Animate here and I am running into some difficulty with using audio while parallax scrolling and could really use some help. FYI I'm needing to have this work on an iPad with DPS as a .OAM file. I had originally tried to get the Parallax Scrolling effect by using Edge Commons but for some reason it wouldn't work on the iPad so instead I used the code from this tutorial.


      // insert code for scroll event here

      var animationHeight = 3200;

      var stageHeight = sym.$("Stage").height();

      var scrollPos = sym.$("Stage").scrollTop();

      var duration = sym.getDuration();

      var percent = scrollPos / (animationHeight - stageHeight);

      var time = duration * percent;


      // Update timeline




      What I would like to have happen is to have multiple points throughout the timeline to play an different audio files. Since the user may be scrolling very fast I need for the clip to stop before the next one begins. Ideally it would great if there was a fade but I imagine that would be more difficult. I found almost exactly what I want on jQuery forum but have no idea how to rework it to work with Edge Animate.


      Here are the project file for my document so far with a two audio clips placed on the timeline: http://www.images.ca/andrew/Working-8.zip


      Thanks so much!