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    Re: How do I export an animated GIF from Premiere Elements?

    Marusame 00

      its not here.png


      I dont know where this fabled "export to gif" option is but its gone, you also are unable to just use the "export" option even though its still there. Its greyed out and they supposedly moved it over to the right under publish... no idea why they KEPT the export drop down and made it unuseable but whatever. OH and before you ask, "animation" isnt a gif, its a broken media file of some sort probably for another program.And below is just things like TIFF. I checked under every file, and every preset under every codec for everything.





      (windows 7 64 bit, photoshop and adobe premiere elements 13.1 64 bit)

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          There has not been Premiere Elements File Menu/Export/Movie since Premiere Elements 7. The File Menu/Export/ found in later version is restricted to exporting titles created in the program's Titler as prtl files for use in other projects. If you need to save titles I will go into that so the File Menu/Export/Titles will be activated. The key is to close the Titler and select the title's thumbnail in Project Assets before going to the File Menu/Export/


          As you have found there is no export to a file with a .gif file extension in Premiere Elements 13/13.1.


          You can create an animated gif in Photoshop Elements 13/13.1 Editor/File Menu/Save for Web.


          This situation has existed for quite some time.


          Any questions or need clarification, please ask.


          Thank you.



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            Marusame 00 Level 1

            but you cant REALLY make gifs in photoshop 13.1. It keeps complaining that the filesize is too big every time i work with it, and i have to scale it down to crazy tiny sizes.

            1. It for NO reason should EVER tell me something is too big because its not the norm, i dont care.

            2. for being a supposedly "pro" editor they removed import to frames (which is the #1 tutorial method for making gifs and they removed that feature)

            3. Unless you are limiting everyone on purpose so they have to "buy" the CC version, which is aweful if true, but far as i know gifs are hard to make in photoshop now.

            every time i have ever tried to mess with a gif, it kept saying the filesize was too big. In fact it was so much of a problem i had to use GIMP with the old plugin GAP, in order to make gifs but that was a nightmare.

            So now, i dont use photoshop AT ALL, i use adobe premiere and make an mp4 video at 15 fps since my free video to gif converter program only goes to 20fps and use that, pretty pathetic i have to do that with TWO programs that should have no issue making gifs but apparently adobe removed most the ability to make em.


            "Save for web cannot animate this document because it is too big. To save this image an animated gif, reduce the image size or number of layers"

            Excuse me, my freeware video2gif converter can do 1080p+ 20fps files that go to beyond 100megabytes... and my 100+$ "professional" software that has millions of dollars put into it cant even handle small sub HD gifs under 20 megabytes...


            extremely pathetic.

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              Marusame 00 Level 1

              so yes, i tried "save for web" and "save as" and both wont work, i also spent literally 10+ hours pulling my hair out trying to find a photoshop addon or plugin or something that did import video to frames or saved as a gif that actually worked...


              basically i couldnt find any, any plugin that may of had some help was 32 bit only and not compatible with this version.


              So really even though i got elements and premiere 13 bundled for 113$ i still kind of got ripped off >.> they removed HUNDREDS of "features", moved many over to the monthly paywall, and made loads of plugins incompatible.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Marusame 00


                Thanks for the reply.


                Just a reminder...this is not Adobe. Rather user to user. I am not affiliated with Adobe in anyway and have no insider information on its feature plans nor control over them. The frequency of the Adobe presence in this forum is undefined.


                As for your references to Premiere Pro et al animated gif, I see that you have already made your comments known on that in the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum

                How do I export an animated GIF from Premiere CC?


                If you purchased the Premiere Elements 13/13.1 from Adobe as a download within the last 30 days, you should be able to get a return/refund from Adobe. If you purchased elsewhere, you would be governed by the return/refund policy of the seller.

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