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    Browse Sequences not always displayed in CHM file

      I have a compiled Help (.chm) file with a browse sequence. The browse sequence displays ok when I open the Help file, but does not display when a colleague opens it on his pc. Why? Is it something to do with settings in IE?

      Any ideas as to what is causing this discrepancy will be much appreciated.
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          AuthorAnne Level 1
          Hi pboropixie and welcome to the forum!

          The most likely reason is that your colleague doesn't have the HHActiveX.dll file installed and registered on his or her PC. That file comes as part of the RoboHelp installation, which is why you don't have the problem. Locate the file on your PC, send it to your colleague, and get them to install/register it (the instructions for doing so can be found in RoboHelp's own help).

          Hope this solves the problem.