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    Lightroom update: video and missing links to original files are gone!

    Dan Lamont



      I am really hurting here...


      I am a professional photographer -- shoot stills and video and want an integrated rational workflow so I want to organize all my files in Lightroom. I am running OSX 10.10.3 and subscribe to CC. I've been using Lightroom since 1.0. The LR Master Catalog is installed on my primary boot drive.


      When I tried to import AVCHD video files from my Canon C-100 the import created .MTS reference files in Lightroom but I could not rename the source files (which reside on an external drive) to my standard naming protocol as I do with stills after LR import. Furthermore I could no longer even open and play the AVCHD files through my browser and Quicktime. And the .MTS files all stopped at 11:23:00 even though some were 30+ minutes long! All VERY weird.


      I called Adobe tech support to see if they could help. I perhaps foolishly let the tech in India take screen control of my machine. He messed about and decided the issues must relate to my installation of Lightroom. He installed an upgrade and THEN realized he'd installed the stand alone, not CC so he trashed it and reinstalled the upgrade to CC. Things seemed to be functioning more or less correctly but I had to move on with work and so took the original video files in question (as shot) to my video editor.

      A few days later I uploaded the next two (still) jobs to my JBOD drive array and as is my pattern imported those to Lightroom for editing. But now Lightroom replicated its master catalog (lrcart, 2.lrcart, 3.lrcart, etc) this happens each time I try to open LR -- I get a dialog asking if I want to use the existing upgraded newer catalog or upgrade the old one (!?)


      All these catalogs are the same EXCEPT the links to the original files are broken to some of the files (but not all !) in the different LRCAT versions.


      What I want to achieve is to have the latest version of LR CC running (it says I'm running 2015.1 release -- is that same at LR 6?) and have access to all my previews and links to all my files (just FYI my library is around .5million images so I don't want to re-link manually). I also want to be able to import AVCHD files and rename them and have that linked to the source files.

      I should ditch all but one of the catalogs but which ? I'd hate to make matters worse... I tried Adobe support again but they were fundamentally useless.


      Can anybody help me clear my befuddled brain and resurrect my LR !?


      Many thanks