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    PE11- Unable to playback on separate TV/Monitor (Playback Settings)

    Last Minute Video Level 1

      Created a new project (HDV capture format).


      Set Playback settings to: Real time, External Device, DV, Export- DV.


      Added video from computer (MP4 video clip).


      Placed video clip in Timeline.


      Playback only shows up in Project Viewer, not on separate TV/Monitor I have connected via Canopus Capture Box.


      When I go back into Project Settings, Playback Settings, the options for Real Time Playback and Export are "NONE" and de-highlighted. Unable to change them to DV.
      (which they were set to when I set up the project).



      Am I missing something here??   Playback has always worked fine if I'm bringing in video clips from a device capture (from a video camera).