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    Lightroom 4.4 will no longer import images from any camera.  How do I fix it?


      Upon opening lightroom, from the library, I click "import."  Lightroom recognizes the camera and lists it as a "source" to import from.  When I click the camera under "source," lightroom stops working and hangs (spinning turquoise circle).  If I click again, I get the box that lightroom is not responding.


      At first I thought the problem was my camera (t3i), and I got around it by importing the images through zoom browser ex and then on into lightroom once they were already on the computer.  Now, I'm experiencing the same problem with a new camera (sony a7s) for which there is no easy way to get the images onto my computer.  I'm sure there is an easy way that I'm not aware of, but I'd rather address the problem at its root than continue to bandage it.


      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the USB ports.  That didn't help.


      I use Windows 7 Home Premium.


      Thanks in advance.