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    "Eating" Mac Hard Drive then RAM Adobe CC


      Hi All-


      Apologize if this has been posted somewhere before but I'm in need of serious help.


      A few weeks ago I had an issue where something happened and it filled junk folders on my mac under my adobe CC after effects folder full of junk.  Just garbage.  186GB's of junk.


      I found the source started deleting these files.  OK, then I'm back in business.


      Yesterday, it happened again.  My hard drive space was down to 32mb and then it started to eat my RAM.  I watch it go from 14GB down to nothing.


      I then clear it and bamb, starts eating again.


      I cleared all my cache and all of a sudden my hard drive was back to normal.


      I wake up today and it's doing it again.


      I found a few pieces of the puzzle.


      I found that a "adobe update daemon" file or something is filling up.  It had 528GB of usage on my hard drive.


      Then I have a kernal eating my RAM space.


      Could this be some type of Adobe virus for mac?  Anyone have any suggestions.  I'm so beyond done.