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    Cannot Create Folder


      RoboHelp 10, source controlled with TFS 2010, publishing only to Multiscreen HTML5.


      I am trying to create first-level folders in my Robohelp project so I can start importing existing html topics, but Robohelp won't let me create folders with the names I need. I'll use "contactus" as an example here. When I attempt to do this, Robohelp gives me the following error: 'A file with the name "contactus" already exists.'


      I have checked the following:

      • A file or folder called "contactus" does not exist anywhere in the project or project manager.
      • A folder called "contactus" does not exist in source control.
      • A folder called "contactus" does not exist on my hard drive in Windows.
      • There is no broken link to this location or anything below it.
      • None of my HTML5 screen layout pages reference this location, although they once did, and I have since removed those links in an attempt to fix the problem.
      • The string "contactus" does not appear in any file in the project folder, based on a Find search done in both Robohelp and Visual Studio.
      • There are no master pages, TOCs, or indexes for this project.


      I am fairly certain that at some point Robohelp made these folders "exist", perhaps because I referenced them in a screen layout in one of my footers or something. However, they no longer exist, probably because I deleted them a while ago. Is there any way I can clear this error out? I appreciate any ideas. Let me know if you need any more information.

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          Amebr Level 4

          You could try deleting the cpd file as this contains all sorts of bits and pieces.


          Also make sure cpd, ldb, pss are not in source control as this will cause problems.


          And check that there aren't any pending changes in source control - sometimes you have to change views to see a new folder that hasn't been fully checked in yet (something like a 'pending add' action). I'm not sure of the specific steps for your source control, hopefully you know what I mean or you have someone there who can help.

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            IAlton Level 1

            Thank you. It seems the cpd file was indeed the culprit.