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    rendering progress


      Hey there everyone i have a question that may have been asked / answered, so if it has please forgive me. Back in the day when you popped something in your render que. and then set it to render the composition window would display your render progress. in other words you could watch your render create every frame. Over my career i've always counted on that preview as a last ditch quality control, I cant tell you how many times i've seen an error, and was able to repair it before it was too late. Now with 2015 i don't see it any more.  looking thru the menues i don't see any options to turn it back on. Additionally if your render has an error message before it kicks off like it's missing some footage (that you don't need) would you like to continue. if you answer yes the render que disappears and it looks like you have crashed. but if you wait you will eventually hear the render finish, but there is no way to tell what it's doing.