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    Why did Adobe Flash Player Install Manager suddenly appear in my Utilities folder? Created date was two days ago, and I did not intentionally download this and worry it may be a virus.


      Because I noticed some weird animated pop-ads on Match.com -- featuring a cartoonish Oprah and the like  --- I searched my applications to see if I had downloaded any adware.  The only thing odd in my Applications -- in the Utilities folder, actually --  was Adobe Flash Player Install Manager with a created date of July 13, 2015.  I absolutely do not recall having intentionally downloaded it, so I'm worried about whether that application is adware or anything dangerous.  When I tried to simply delete it by dragging the icon to Trash, a window asks me to enter my system password, which I have not done.  Please, I would appreciate any explanations of what this actually is, how it got there, if it's a security threat, and if so, how to remove it?

      I am on a Macbook Air running OS 10.10.3, using the latest version of Chrome. 


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!