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    Verity Hanging Issue

      I am hoping someone has experienced this same problem and can help me
      solve this. I have a Verity Collection on MX 7.0.2 that indexes files
      (.htm, .xls, .pdf, .ppt) on site and also dumps our cms data into it. I
      have 2 scheduled tasks one that runs at 4pm that does the files index
      and one that runs the custom database collection at 1AM. Both do an Update on
      the collection. The problem is that the k2index seems to finish (the
      collection fills up with the correct number of records) but it never
      releases the index thread. If we don't pay close attention to the
      server, it eventually takes up all the CF active threads. I even bought
      SeeFusion and installed it this weekend to peek under the hood. I see
      that both processes are running as both active and slow, when I try to
      kill them it does nothing, Even the Thread.Stop(). does not kill them.
      What I end up having to do is restart CF and Kill the k2server.exe and
      k2index.exe processes.

      This is a beefy box too, so I don't think it is a resource issue.
      -Windows 2003 SP1
      -IIS 6
      -CFMX 7.0.2
      - 2 Dual-core 3.2 GHz XEON processors
      - 4GB RAM

      Any help is greatly appreciated. I have not found any resources about
      this on the net or on houseof Fusion