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    Question about stalled import


      My Lightroom CC 2015 stalls when importing files from my camera. It will get 5 or 6 loaded and then it just sits there doing nothing. I had originally had trouble with Lightroom failing to launch at all but that problem seems to be resolved. Now it just doesn't want to import files. Anyone having this problem on a PC?

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          Mandhir Bhatia Adobe Employee



          There are some specifics which are missing before we look into this.

          Are you on mac on PC.


          What happens when you try to import file locally & then import.

          What import option you use when import i.e. Add, Move copy or copy as DNG.




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            doctorbart Level 1

            I am using a PC - Toshiba. Whenever I plug in my camera or insert my SD card, the Library screen sometimes populates with preview thumbnails and sometimes it doesn't. When I then try to import them, Lightroom reads "Importing files" and it will import five. That's it. five files. It's set to the "Add" setting. The "Importing files" message is still active but nothing ever happens after that. EVER. When I try to get out of the program, it gives me the message that files are still being imported (they're not) and then I have to restart the computer half the time. The interesting thing is that I was not encountering this problem two days ago.