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    how to align decimal points for all the tables in the document using indesign javascript.

    mani@pixel Level 1

      i want to align decimal points for all the tables.. but its not working properly..

      here is my code . here im getting table by table and getting column by column..

      and i want the decimal points should be center in the each column..



      var   mCols = column;  //  getting column by column.

          var mTarget , len;

          mTarget = mCols.cells.everyItem().texts.everyItem().getElements(); 

          len = mTarget.length; 

          mTarget.justification = Justification.LEFT_ALIGN;





                          alignment: TabStopAlignment.CHARACTER_ALIGN, 

                          alignmentCharacter: '.', 

                          position: mCols.width-5