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    Bulk export to diferent formats

    Marc Torra Level 1

      Hello to everyone, this is my first question here.

      I've asked Adobe but got a negative answer. I'm asking here just to see if someone knows any workaround or plugin to do it.


      I ended editing the images and now it is time to export them.

      My needs are Tiff, lowRes Jpg, midRes Jpg, and highRes Jpg.

      I have the export pressets for each of the requierements and everything works right for every assignment.

      I export to each presset and 4 processes can be seen until finish.


      The question is: it would be great to have a button to start it, with the destination folder and subfolders preconfigured in relation to the folder where the raw files are. Something like a "EditingJobDone-DoTheFinalExport" button. I have multiple assignments and find myself repeating the same task for each one... (export, select presset, set destination folder, wait for process to start... and once again....)

      Please, can anyone help me?