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    Radio buttons issue with Show/Hide Buttons and Forms




      It's a question form, there're potential answers and each of them are preceded by a radio button (see grey box below). When a radio button is tapped on, an icon appears on the right as well as the relevant result underneath. It couldn't be simpler and I'm following the book line by line yet it doesn't work. When exported in PDF interactive, the radio buttons work but nothing appears, no icon nor result.


      See below exactly all the actions I'm going through as well as screenshots of all my elements:


      Indesign CS6 on MAC v10.10.3


      - Create circle object

      - Select all circle objects

      - Buttons and Forms

          Type: Radio Button

          Name: Radio Buttons

          Event: On Release or Tap

          Appearance: [Normal Off]

          Actions: Show/Hide buttons and form

          (Screebshot 1-4)



      - Select icons one by one

      - Buttons and Forms

          Type: Button

          Name: icon 1 (and the others "icon 2", "icon 3", "icon 4")

          Hidden until triggered

          (Screebshot 5-8)



      - Select results one by one

      - Buttons and Forms

          Type: Button

          Name: right (and the other "wrong")

          Hidden until triggered

          (Screebshot 9-10)




      Export > Adobe PDF (Interactive)

      (See screenshot below)




      I checked the InDesign preferences too, but nothing seem to relate to interactive elements...


      So, what am I missing?


      Thanks for your help,