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    Syncing between 2 computers.


      I am going away for a few days, I have LR CC installed on my main computer at home, and also on my laptop. There is a chance that I make some edits to photos while I am away, along side viewing and exporting to JPEG for upload to the internet.


      Once I get home is there a way of transferring the catalogue from the laptop to my main computer, each photo will be copied to the laptop drive as well as an external hard drive for redundancy. I am not using the cloud as my home internet connection is slower than a snail pulling a car (we are talking 3-5Mbs download and 0.3 upload) due to living in the south west country side of the UK - superfast should be here soon but not soon enough it seems.


      My main computer is running windows 7 while the laptop is running windows 8.1. They are both connected to the same network at home. I am not worried about syncing while away. The chances are I will be taking a lot of photos - in excess of 3000 over a 3 day period using a Nikon D7100 so there will be in the in the region of 85GB of images, maybe more depending on the weather.


      Thanks for any input or help you can provide