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    File and quality issues with library

    perrybrus Level 1

      Is there a bug in InDesign 2015 that prevents the app. to render or treat postscript files properly? Some vectors I have in my library looks terrible when dragged out and placed in INDD and it seems to me that it concerns EPS files cause my AI files works far better. The same library works fine in for instance PS. I have Typical Display performance as my default. And why does it say AI next to all of my vector files in my Photoshop library whilst in InDesign it says AI on some of the items and nothing (blank) on others? When I mouse over the items in the INDD library it just says "Type application postscript." If the library is all synced up (and it says it is) then the file detection text should be identical cross applications? Seems to me that Photoshop detects everything vector as AI and INDD and Illu detects EPS files as nothing?  When I go back to check what the original file format was when I added them to the library the ones with no text in INDD and Illu. are all EPS files - but it says AI on all of them in PS!? What's going on here? And why are all my postscript files in my library looking terrible both when exported to PDF and within the INDD app itself - but not in PS?!


      IND and Illu. library view left and PS right.

      library_indd.gif library_ps.gif