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    Nothing happens when I click 'download' on Market assets


      Hi there,


      I'm a subscriber to CC and am just starting to use the assets features.  I've found some icons that I'd like to use but I can't download it.  When I go to the Assets > Market section and search for 'community', I see a nice icon, click on it and the page specific to that icon (i.e. a larger version of it appears in the CC window with artist's details and tags etc.).  I click on the download button with the cloud icon and nothing happens.  No errors or changes, no other windows or pages open up.  Just nothing.


      I've searched google and CC docs and support and can't find anything on the subject.  I've logged into Behance (in case that mattered as some of the art is stored there) and checked CC account details and login status, also made sure my CC folders are working for uploads etc.  I can see that I can go to the artist's own site and buy them from there, but if I'm going to do that that I wouldn't pay for CC, so what's the deal here?  Anyone else had this problem?


      I'm running CC on Win 8.1.  TypeKit works fine, by the way.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.